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Directions to Marjesira, 25134 Vashon Hwy. SW, Vashon, WA 98070


Taking the Ferry from Fauntleroy (West Seattle) or Southworth–Arriving on the North end of Vashon Island

Driving….follow the flow of traffic onto Vashon Hwy.   You will stay on Vashon hwy all the way….10.1 miles. Passing through 4- 4way stops.  The first stop sign is the town of Vashon, the 4th is the town of Burton.  You will go about a mile past Burton, At first you will be driving right along the water, then you will start climbing up a hill past Shawnee rd, past 250th (on the right), and just past 251st Lane on the water side of the road, there will be a three door red garage with white trim…. 25134. This is the parking for Marjesira.  Three  parking spots are on the platform of the garage, two-three angle parking spots on the road just to the North of the garage.  At the south end of the garage you will take one step down and begin the walk on the trail ( about 250ft) to the top of 63 stairs down to the house,  The bed rooms are on the top floor (left at the 2nd landing, or up the interior stairs once inside the house).

If you arrive after dark, you may need to turn on the trail lights.  The switch is located just below the little wooden box attached at the south end of the garage.  It is a two way switch that turns off just inside the kitchen door.

If you are taking a bus.  The 118 sometimes passes right by Marjesira on its way to the Talequah (Tacoma) Ferry.  Sometimes the 118 will only go as far as Burton…if I am home I will gladly come and pick you up in Burton if you call…Alternately, it is a mile walk from there.



Taking the Ferry from Tacoma at Pt. Defiance—Arriving on the South end of Vashon  island


Driving… Follow the flow of traffic 3.5 miles.  Majesira will sneak up fast just past the sign for Magnolia Beach and a road sign that announces a road on the left.  The ferry traffic will want to push you past before you can stop…if so, just turn around and come back to the three door red garage with white trim…25134 vahon Hwy, SW