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Starting in 1905, Ira and Jessie Case with the help of a live-in carpenter, slowly built the large four story building which they christened Marjesira for Margaret ( their daughter), Jessie, and Ira.  The Case family planned the Inn as a self-contained business district, with housing on the fourth floor, a spacious living area and kitchen on the third floor, a grocery store and post office on the  second floor, and storage for boats and equipment on the ground level.


A wharf, extending far out in front of Marjesira was built at the same time, and became a daily gathering spot to see what and who came in on the steamship.  Letters, the main mode of communication available for both long and short distances, came to the post office. Groceries and basic needs, from flour to lamp oil, came to the store. The lively summer months of Magnolia beach activities drew the friends and family.   There were no roads to Magnolia beach at that time, so the wharf was essential to the survival of the community.


Marjesira functioned as a hotel up to 1915; and again, in the 1930’s when the road was built and the road crew needed a place to stay.  In its hay day, Marjesira was a hub for a thriving beach community.


Remaining in the original family, Marjesira is owned by Marian, the grand-daughter of Ira and Jessie.  If you are here in the summer you may meet Marian and hear some of the stories of the home.  She continues to spend her summers at Marjesira.




Home History